Jul 27 '10

2010 CMJ Music Marathon – we’re playing it!

So yeah, pretty sweet – we already got confirmed for a date during CMJ. The CMJ Music Marathon happens every year around Halloween and is really the NYC equivalent of South by Southwest.

Whiskey Richard @ Crossroads in NJ, 2006

Our first show ever in NYC was at Lion’s Den (now Sullivan Music Hall) in the heart of the Village in August of 2006 (our homebase was Nashville in 2006 and were known as Whiskey Richard – get it??). We were road warriors that year and managed to pack the venue on our first try. The promoter dug the vibe and re-booked us for Halloween, opening for Papa Mali and as part of the 2006 CMJ Music Marathon.

We played NYC in September ’06 at Arlene’s Grocery and then made the trek in October to spend a few weeks attending the conference events associated with the Music Marathon. Our show was on Tuesday, the first night of the conference, also Halloween and the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade. Sounds like a great night, eh? Let’s rewind to about noon that day….

Scott @ CMJ, 2006

I mozyed over to Lincoln Center and grabbed my lanyard and complimentary tote bag. Took in the sights, saw some exhibits and thought “hey! I should call the guys” Phone was dying so I texted them then went to a payphone to call my lady. I called her, she says “are you sitting down?” I say “yeah, sure, I’m cool, what’s up?” ….

Our band members parked  the vehicle somewhere on the Upper West Side near Central Park West. Some gear was left in the car the night before. Well… we got robbed. HARD. GuitarS, as in mine, the bassist’s, and Chris’s dad’s 1974 Gibson Les Paul Custom (which was on loan). Gone. Day of the show. Our first CMJ Music Marathon.

Needless to say, we borrowed another band’s gear at the show, it turned out fine. That band broke up 3 months later. Chris and I, and a few others as Goodbye Picasso played the new band’s first CMJ Music Marathon in 2008 at Rockwood Music Hall. We played our 3rd CMJ last year at Fontana’s. Rockwood on October 22 will be our 4th.

Crazy how time flies.

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