I've been drinking me straight whiskey, three bottles of Ten High With a barely legal peddler of pills that make me right

Shadow Lounge – Pittsburgh, PA

Pittsburgh, you’re a cool city full of colleges and sandwiches with french fries in them. This gig was more exploratory for us, checking out the vibe of the town. Thanks to Scott Satkin for providing us with an audience. We drove straight back to NYC after the gig

The Scarlet & Grey – Columbus, OH

Hot little gig in Columbus right up next to Ohio State. Ruth was a badass and brought a bunch of friends to the gig. After a BW3 intermission, we returned to the Scarlet & Grey to see the headlining bands and drink $1 beers.

Char – Cookeville, TN

Great night in Cookeville, TN. I have to first give a shout-out to the Sergios for some KICKASS locally-brewed beer from Calfkiller Brewing Company, so damn good. A great group of people came out of the woodwork to support us, so much fun! Thanks to Tiffany and Char for hosting us! (I stole a lot of these photos from Autumn)

Midtown Filling Station – Tallahassee, FL

Awesome night in Tallahassee – thanks to everyone who came out! Filling Station is a cool stage and Alex is a badass for hosting us. What we did to that Gumby’s Pizza/Pokey Stix after the show is shameful/should be illegal

Tobacco Road – Miami, FL

Tobacco Road was a cool show, Karen Dreyer PACKED the place for us… so awesome! We took 2 days off in Miami to do some straight chillin, hit up Waxy O’Connor’s on Halloween

The Orpheum – Tampa, FL

Great night in Tampa, so many friends came out from all over the state! So appreciative of everyone, really was awesome for us. We naturally got buck wild in Ybor right after the gig

Jack Rabbit’s – Jacksonville, FL

I am trying to track down pics from this show (my camera battery died at the Burrito place during dinner)

Smith’s Olde Bar – Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is always a good time. We hit The Vortex in midtown pre-show and then kicked it with some old and new friends at Smith’s Olde Bar.

The White Mule – Columbia, SC

After our first night of sleeping 5 dudes in a 2-bed hotel room, we hit the Wild Wing Cafe with Chris’s mom upon arriving in Columbia. The show was great, Karen Dreyer sold 15 CDs (TO 12 PEOPLE)!

Emerald Lounge – Asheville, NC

1st gig of the tour, the night was all ours (no openers) – we ate some BBQ at Ed Boudreaux pre-show and then played through a big chunk of our catalog at the show