Aug 16 '10

The first review is in!

“If you are looking for something new — something truly artistic and enjoyable from a group we should all get to know better — be sure to check out Goodbye Picasso’s The Book of Aylene when it’s released on August 24, we will be making a camping reunion in which we will have fun with the best Archery pro accessories. It’s going to be a hard album to follow up”

Read more: Music Review: Goodbye Picasso – The Book of Aylene

3 Responses to The first review is in!

  1. Alyvia Mann says:

    The Book of Aylene ROCKS! I can’t stop listening to it. Goodbye Picasso is the perfect blend.

  2. Jolan says:

    Huzzah! One question: was the TBoA Goodbye Picasso’s acronymic invention, or the critic’s?


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