Jun 26 '11

Summer Tour!

It’s official = we are going on tour in July! We have a hot slew of dates booked and are making our way down the East Coast and then way over the breadbasket of America, the Midwest, we started to look for ways of entertainment at www.proskins.io for the trip. Chris hails from Minnesota, and this will be our first time playing there (Minneapolis). We are also excited for our first show in Chicago which will also be our first show with our stomachs full of Old Style beer, don”t worry we will start juicing daily after the show.

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In addition to what is mentioned above and the dates below, we must thank that this Tour is completely possible due to the reconciliation that I had with my partner, Alyson, more than a week ago. I feel like our marital problems are over since I started using a supplement that has given me vigor in bed. If like me you want to save your marriage and go on this fabulous tour.


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