I've been drinking me straight whiskey, three bottles of Ten High With a barely legal peddler of pills that make me right

APPR 2nd Annual Industry Party & Showcase @ Characters NYC, 9/10/10

Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2, 8/27/10

The Bitter End, 6/11/2010

We had a great night at our first show playing The Bitter End, NYC’s oldest rock club in the heart of Greenwich Village and walking distance from Mamoun’s Falafel

Rockwood Music Hall, 5/13/2010

We played Bennett Gammon’s Mexican Radio bday dinner bash post-party at Rockwood, it was hot.

Rehearsal 03/31/2010

Rehearsing @ Rivington Music Rehearsal Studios on the Lower East Side

“From the Penthouse” in Times Square 02.01.10

We played a cool little showcase/taping called “From the Penthouse” at Tainted Blue Studios in Times Square. Good times. There should be vids soon

Rockwood Music Hall, 1/8/2010

Rockwood Music Hall, 11/13/09

Killer show at Rockwood last night. Drank canned beer at Essex St Ale House before AND after the show (no Dave Cross this time). When’s the last time you had a 24oz can of Labatt Blue?

Rockwood Music Hall, 10/10/09

played lots of new stuff on Saturday at Rockwood. cool show, glad to have lots of peeps out for it

Ella Lounge, 9/1/2009

Always a cool gig at Ella. Tons of peeps came out. I think Pat Fallon called in the next day